Why is so important tailor and

They must consider the potential consequences of their management decisions on profits, cash flow and on the financial condition of the company. The activities of every aspect of a business have an impact on the company's financial performance and must be evaluated and controlled by the business owner. Life Cycles of a Business Most companies experience losses and negative cash flows during their startup period.

Why is so important tailor and

Write powerful college application essays College application essays are the one thing high school seniors have complete control over senior Why is so important tailor and. They do not guarantee admissions to your top colleges, but they certainly help break ties and can tip you in.

I just presented with an admissions officer from the University of Michigan, who said essays make students pop off the page and become 3-D for colleges.

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Essays are fourth in importance--behind grades, test scores, and rigor of your high school program--for many admissions offices. But so many kids squander this opportunity to focus on stories that reveal their leadership and initiative. Admissions officers get so bored reading many essays.

Use this opportunity to sell yourself and tip yourself into many of your match colleges. For smaller colleges a great essay is a tip factor, meaning that it could tip a decision in your favor.

You do not get in based solely upon your essay, but the more it stands out the better. Laura O'Brien Gatzionis Founder Educational Advisory Services Importance of the essay in the application review This really depends on the college and how they consider each portion of the application.

Each college has its own priorities. The essay usually plays a larger role in the application process at schools who can spend more time on each applicant's file. For instance, a large public university may not have the resources to devote to closely reading the essay portion of the application.

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The essay usually is in the top ten aspects taken under consideration in a holistic reading of an application. Corey Fischer President CollegeClarity The essay is very important It is important to you because it gives you a chance to show the college something about you that they are not seeing in the rest of your application.

The essay gives you an opportunity to let your personality shine through. It is important to the college because they can learn about a different side of you, but also get a sense of your writing skills.

Writing an essay quickly and sending it off will hurt you as a reader can tell when a piece was written hastily. You want to write it and set it aside and revisit it, get some input from your counselor or teacher not friends. Make sure it is not superficial and it does not just reiterate what can already be learned from the rest of your application Bill Pruden Head of Upper School, College Counselor Ravenscroft School Essays Matter, but Are Only One Piece of the Puzzle The importance of the essay, like so much else in the application process, depends upon the applicant and the school.


At some schools the admissions process is more about crunching numbers than anything else and in those cases the essays matter little. At places where the admissions office must make distinctions among many qualified applicants it can be a definite factor. Indeed, the essay offers applicants a chance to present themselves in their own voice, an opportunity that one always wants to maximize.

Applicants should be sure to respond to the prompt, but in a way that gives the reader a greater understanding of who they are and what they will bring to the community the school is seeking to create.

Why is so important tailor and

The worst thing an applicant can do is write an essay that does not reveal anything about them. Make it work for you. Make it the final piece in your story.Watch video · So if algorithms are going to curate the world for us, if they're going to decide what we get to see and what we don't get to see, then we need to make sure that they're not just keyed to relevance.

We need to make sure that they also show us things that are uncomfortable or challenging or important — this is what TED does — other points of. This can sum up why diversity in the classroom is such an important part of a child’s development, by the child being exposed to diverse cultures the child can get a better understanding of why.

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