The problem posing method

My Jonathan Ben-Joseph essay as submitted to class. Essay Edit The words of Mr. Freire in The Banking Concept of Education is a clear argument against the traditional education of institutions. The Banking Concept of Education contains points that can related to by anyone who has ever been part of the mass education system of today.

The problem posing method

A critical analysis of a variety of sociological topics. Sunday, 11 March Banking vs. Problem Posing Education The following paragraphs will address education as a practice of freedom as opposed to a practice of domination. Freire displays this in terms of banking education and problem posing education.

Banking education facilitates domination while problem posing education facilitates freedom of creativity and transformation. These methods of educating were apparent throughout my secondary schooling education by way of teaching styles used by my educators and these teaching styles greatly affected the outcome of knowledge retained and empowerment gained from these educational experiences.

Banking education is discussed as an act of depositing where the educator is the depositor and students are the depositories. Instead of communication the banking method involves students waiting, receiving and memorizing information, then restating this information back with a goal to only obtain high grades on standardized tests, even though when instead students would gain more from being critically engaged and applying the information that they are leaning.

This The problem posing method of educating takes away the essential part of learning which is what makes us entirely human — the banking method takes away ones creativity and critical ability leaving only ignorance and inhuman, robotic reproduction of the given deposits.

This leads to a conclusion that banking is a form of oppression, snuffing out all signs of the creativity and self transformation that makes education such a rewarding and personally fulfilling endeavour. Based on my experiences I have had one instance of banking education during my secondary educational experience.

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My teacher was only a subject of our attention and us, as students, were nothing more than mere objects present to robotically absorb and reproduce concepts long enough to score a high grade with a method of testing that was standardized throughout the entire classroom regardless of if this was a way that was suitable for everyone to learn by.

This teacher wanted the pupils to naively accept all assumptions that were presented and fill our minds with taken for granted information without any chance for critical assessment. We were to assume this teacher knew all, and we knew nothing — much like the idea of banking where the student is nothing but a blank slate, awaiting a deposit of information.

Problem posing education is discussed as an act where the educator is taught while teaching and everyone teaches one another while being mediated by their surroundings and the world in which we live in.

Students are critical about and engaged in what the educator is presenting as opposed to only listening and restating information. Problem posing education presents a method to develop power by way of perceiving critically and evaluating objectively not only the concepts presented to us by the educator, but our reality and surroundings entirely.

Problem posing education methods present transferable skills and set students up for success by adapting many educational subsets to form a dynamic learning experience.

Based on my experiences I have been subject to plenty of problem posing educational experiences. One that stands out in my mind would be a secondary educator who allowed us options to adapt our curriculum to make it more engaging to each individual specifically such as options on different novels to read for assignments or different ways of presenting information.

This teacher was open to any way we felt we could learn, and would actively work to facilitate success for all students. There was a caring relationship between educator and student, and students were provoked to critically assess any aspect of the curriculum and felt comfortable becoming openly engaged in course From my experience of banking education, I did not take away any valuable skills or information because critical assessment of the material was not facilitated, and in this case was even perceived as a negative reaction to the course material and came with negative consequences.

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Based on the lack of critical engagement with the course material I only obtained the information on a short term basis — long enough to obtain a high grade on the test, and then the information ceased to be useful in my life and was disposed of by lack of repetition.

By looking at this situation as an example of banking it displays a clear example of how this can lead to oppression and lack of creativity because if one only accepts what they are told this does not leave any individuality, transformation, progressive movement or creativity.

The problem posing method

My experience with problem posing education was a highly beneficial experience, and I continue to experience this form of education.Problem posing education presents a method to develop power by way of perceiving critically and evaluating objectively not only the concepts presented to us by the educator, but our reality and surroundings entirely.

Problem posing education methods present transferable skills and set students up for success by adapting many educational . Problem-posing is dynamic, participatory, and empowering. Problem-posing is more than a technique that teaches critical thinking; it is a philosophy, a way of thinking about students and their ability to think critically and to reflect analytically on their lives.

Banking Education vs. Problem Posing Education One is the banking system and the other is the problem-posing. The banking system that is described is quite close to the educational system that is in place throughout the schools of America or even the world.

Freire wants and educational system more like that of the problem posing method. A Problem Posing Approach. A Problem-Posing Approach An excerpt from "Teaching Critically as an Act of Praxis and Resistance" by: Mary E.

Boyce Freire's () metaphor for traditional education is banking education, in which teachers make deposits of information . The Problem-Posing Method by Paulo Friere is one of the most well-known teaching methods, especially in the open-conversation environment of the 21st century.

If you want to learn more about bringing Problem-Posing . The 5 step problem solving method is an alternative vversion to the PDCA and DMAIC models, and is often a simpler tool to use for relatively simple problems.

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A Problem Posing Approach