Study guide information technology

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Study guide information technology

Broadband Older Peripheral Ports One of the most common ways to deliver input from a user to a PC is through peripheral ports and interfaces. These interfaces turn your input in keyboards and mice into input and commands. Parallel Interface — Data is transmitted 8 bits one byte at a time using 8 data transmission wires.

There are two common types of parallel cables. IBM made an IBM Printer cable that uses 25 pins at once and a conductor male Centronics connector at the other end, though it is not as common anymore.

It maxes out at around 30 feet. Parallel devices use one of three standards and ports. The PCs were discontinued, but some other PCs continue to use these ports.

For the most part, these devices have been replaced by USBs, especially with the advent of wireless technologies for mice and keyboards. Questions on the CompTIA certification test may include: Which interface would include a Centronics connector?

Name two advantages of parallel ports over serial ports. Which type of parallel device port needs a special system chip?

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This is the regular type of connector that you use when plugging in your mouse or keyboard to a PC. USB memory sticks also use Type A. These connectors are used for printers and other large peripheral devices that are meant to be plugged in all the time.

These cables have a special D-shaped end that plugs into your peripheral device while the other end has a type A connector that plugs into your PC. These connectors are small, 4-pin items, and are often used for digital cameras and other small devices.

Study guide information technology

Most USB cables with a mini connector have an A connector on the other end to plug in to your computer. The female version of the USB cable is rare because it is only used as an extension cable. The typical USB cable you have, regardless of type, will have male connectors on both ends.

This is because the device itself will have the female port built internally. The version number lets you know how fast a USB cable is and they usually come with a speed description for quick understanding. Current USB versions are: Once the website has been verified, we will match the price.1 Introduction to Information Technology 2 Understanding the Digital Domain 3 Representing Numbers and Text in Binary 4 Computer Hardware 5 Computer Software 6 Digital Audio Technology 7 Digital Images and Video 8 Midterm Exam Review / Midterm Exam 9 Fundamentals of Communication 10 Introduction to Fiber Optics.

CXC CSEC Information Technology Paper 3 SBA mark scheme. Here is a mark scheme for the SBA project for paper 3 of the CXC CSEC Information Technology exam (technical proficiency). This comprehensive self-study guide fully prepares candidates for the Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) exam, all six Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS) exams, and CompTIA’s HIT exam.

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Study guide information technology

Study Computing & Information Technology A good computer science degree is still in very high demand. Information Technology has changed the way we do business, learn, communicate and even entertain ourselves.

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