Religious conflicts around the world kashmir

The rebel group called Basque Fatherland and Liberty guerrilla group ETA has waged an urban guerrilla movement against the Spanish government. Some operations have taken place in France, causing Paris and Madrid to cooperate.

Religious conflicts around the world kashmir

Social hostility such as attacks on minority faiths or pressure to conform to certain norms was strong in one-third of the countries and territories surveyed inespecially in the Middle East and North Africa, it said on Tuesday.


Religious-related terrorism and sectarian violence occurred in one-fifth of those countries in that year, while states imposed legal limits on worship, preaching or religious wear in almost 30 percent of them, Pew said.

The Washington-based center, which is non-partisan and takes no policy position in its reports, gave no reason for the rises noted in hostility against Christians, Muslims, Jews and an "other" category including Sikhs, Bah'ais and atheists.

History of Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir princely state According to the midth century text Rajatarangini the Kashmir Valley was formerly a lake. Hindu mythology relates that the lake was drained by the sage Kashyapaby cutting a gap in the hills at Baramulla Varaha-mula[40] and invited Brahmans to settle there.
Hari Singh appealed to the Indian government for military assistance and fled to India.
And, there appears to be no end in sight. While religious-based conflict may not be the core reason for the conflicts there in every instance, it surely is, at the very least, a basic influence and a major underpinning.
List guidelines[ edit ] This list of ongoing armed conflicts is for the sole purpose of identifying present-day conflicts and the death toll associated with each conflict.

Hindus, Buddhists and folk religions saw lower levels of hostility and little change in the past six years, according to the report's extensive data.

As some restrictive countries such as China, Indonesia, Russia and Egypt also have large populations, Pew estimated that 76 percent of the total global population faces some sort of official or informal restriction on their faith.

A report last week by the Christian group Open Doors said documented cases of Christians killed for their faith last year had doubled to 2, around the world, with Syria accounting for more than the entire global total in Results for strong social hostility such as anti-Semitic attacks, Islamist assaults on churches and Buddhist agitation against Muslims were the highest seen since the series began, reaching 33 percent of surveyed countries in after 29 percent in and 20 percent in mid Official bans, harassment or other government interference in religion rose to 29 percent of countries surveyed in after 28 percent in and 20 percent in mid Europe showed the largest median increase in hostility due to a rise in harrassment of women because of religious dress and violent attacks on minorities such as the murder of a rabbi and three Jewish children by an Islamist radical in France.

The report found the highest social hostility concerning religion in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Somalia and Israel. It gave no reasons but radical Islamists often target mainstream Muslims and Christians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia, while India has recurring tensions between its majority Hindus and minority Muslims and Christians.

Religious peace, violence, & genocide

Tensions in Israel arise from the Palestinian issue, disagreements between secular and religious Jews and the growth of ultra-Orthodox sects that live apart from the majority. The five countries with the most government restrictions on religion are Egypt, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

The world's two largest faiths, Christianity and Islam, make up almost half the world's population and were the most widely targetted infacing official and social hostility in and countries respectively.

Jews suffer hostility in 71 countries, even though they make up only 0. The report said there were probably more restrictions on religion around the world than its statistics could document but its results could be considered "a good estimate".

It classified war and terrorism as social hostility, arguing:New and Recent Conflicts of the World The world is a violent place, and for various political, economic, religious and other reasons, wars and conflicts often erupt.

Religious conflict in global rise - report - Telegraph

The purpose of this web page is to chronicle these conflicts and attempt to explain why they occur and what may result from them. Our group decided to examine 2 regions- Kashmir (Pakistan vs India), and Palestine (Israel vs Palestine), where ongoing conflicts are causing serious international terrorism and massacre, and create many victims around the world.

Religious conflicts around the world kashmir

Essay about Religion and Conflicts: The Future of Kashmir Words 10 Pages The spreading of religion has been the catalyst of numerous conflicts in world history, and in the past several decades it has been occurring in a land known as Kashmir.

Kashmir Conflict (high-risk to become a regional war) —(Present): Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan, and a Kashmiri rebel movement is aided by Pakistan. Intermittent clashes along the border nearly turned into full-scale war in the summer of and in late Religious conflict in global rise - report killed for their faith last year had doubled to 2, around the world, with Syria accounting for more than the entire global total in .

Although the conflict has long been cast in religious terms, Joseph Schwartzberg, a leading scholar on Kashmir, says it’s more complicated than that.

And within Kashmir, he says, there’s a.

Religious conflicts around the world kashmir
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