Reasons why companies change accounting methods

However, in order to prevent manipulation, a company changing its accounting policy must have a strong reason for any such change.

Reasons why companies change accounting methods

The cost consists of four different factors: The expenses of putting the inventory in storage Salary and wages of workers Maintenance in the long term All utilities used in carrying the storage [3] Moreover, the carrying cost will mostly appear as a percentage number.

It provides an idea of how long the inventory could be held before the company makes a loss, which also tells the manager how much to order.

Why do companies hold inventory[ edit ] Inventory is a property of a company that is ready for them to sell. Safety inventory This would act like a buffer to make sure that the company would have excess products for sale if consumer demands exceed their expectation.

For example, candy companies can start to produce extra sweets that have long duration period.

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Cycle inventory First of all, we need to go through the idea of economic order quantity EOQ. The total cost will minimized when the ordering cost and the carrying cost equal to each other. While customer order a significant quantities of products, cycle inventory would be able to save cost and act as a buffer for the company to purchase more supplies.

In-transit Inventory [7] This kind of inventory would save company a lot transportation cost and help the transition process become less time-consuming. For example, if the company request a particular raw material from overseas market.

Purchase in bulk will save them a lot transportation cost from overseas shipment fees.

Reasons why companies change accounting methods

Dead Inventory Dead inventory or dead stock is consisting of different kinds of products that was outdated or only a few consumer requests this kind of product.

So manager pulled them from store shelves. To reduce costs of holding this kinds of products, company could hold discount events or imply price reduction to attraction consumers attentions. Base the number of stocks on the situation of Economics: The number of stocks should be changed with consumers demand, the situation of the industry also the exchange rate of the currency.

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Improve the layout of warehouse: Instead of renting a new place, the manager might consider about the idea of rearrange the layout of the warehouse that they owned. To improve the layout the company could either increase the reception area or apply segmentation.

Build long-term agreements with suppliers: This will become a win-win situation. Also the supplier might be willing to decrease the time period of delivery their products to the warehouse, for example from once a month to once a week.

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Furthermore, this would also reduce the risks of loss and depreciation of the products. Creating an effective database: The database should include things like retailer, date, quantity, quality, degree of advertising and the time taken until sold out.

This will make sure that the future employees can learn from the past experience while making decisions. For example, if the manager want to hold a big discount event to clear the products that have been left in stock for a long time.

Then he can go through the past data to find out if there is any event like this before and how was the result.10 Reasons Why Programmes Fail Questions & tips for avoiding failure Stuart Corrigan. Changing Your Accounting Method You first choose an accounting method for your business when you file your first income tax return.

Once you've set up your accounting method, you must get approval from the IRS before you can change to another method. An accounting change is a change in accounting principles, accounting estimates, or the reporting entity. A change in an accounting principle is a change in a method used, such as using a different depreciation method or switching between LIFO to FIFO inventory valuation methods.

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