Phd thesis tu berlin

The research project WaterGridSensein which we will develop a scalable analytics platform for continuously processing data from distributed sensors within water networks, was kicked-off on November 5 at TU Berlin.

Phd thesis tu berlin

Contact Short CV Prof. Her research interests include ICT for smart cities, open data, critical infrastructures, networking, conformance, interoperability, security and certification as well as software engineering and testing.

To change the appearance of the page, edit the styles of the corresponding elements in most cases by using the "Main Frame" Style Zone. To "activate" displaying of an arrow, use its property "Visible" Research These are my major steps in applied research.

My recent endeavour is how networking technologies contribute to the digital transformation in society, industry and living.

We are about to launch a Fraunhofer Leistungszentrum "Digitale Vernetzung" in Berlin, for which I ask you to await first publications.

Some presentations were given already, though. I cannot resist doing research on testing and started to look into security testing. Not only the use of model-based testing methods for security testing is challenging, but also how to elaborate the unknowns about potential vulnerabilities by randomized tests such as fuzz tests.

Both need to be guided by a security-oriented risk analysis. A central element to any smart city or smart region is the efficient, secure and trustworthy provisioning and analysis of urban data as well as the use of implied information for the improvement of urban environments or of the processes used to monitor, control and steer them.

A particularily important approach is that of open urban data. While testing is my passion, there are also other new and interesting fields in ICT research.

In particular when we started to think about how ICT can improve the public space, soon the research area on ICT for smart cities developed. I was fortunate being awarded by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung and used the support and pace to extend my research on testing into automated test designs and model-based testing.

I initiated the UML Testing Profile and developed with others its first version and tool support for it.

Fachgebiet Datenbanksysteme und Informationsmanagement: Theses

This time however by automated testing. We started extending TTCN by adding e. I did not publish results, which was certainly a mistake. In my PhD, I worked on performance-oriented specification of communication protocols and the verification of deterministic bounds of their Quality-of-Service characteristics by use of process algebraic specifications and developed the LotoTis approach for timed temporal ordering specifications.

After my Diploma thesis in under the supervision of Prof. Radu Popescu-Zeleting and Prof. A central concern are city data and their real-time provisioning and analysis.

Recently, we joined the IIC to contribute our ongoing developments of Internet of Things solutions and of their quality assurance.

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Together with Vattenfall, we initiated this industrial forum for the development of interoperable virtual power plant solutions. The forum has over 40 members that develop together the protocol specifications VHPready 4.

We initiated the development of the UML Testing Profile, which addresses the specific requirements of model-based testing with the Unified Modeling Language.Hagen Wierstorf - Perceptual Assessment of Sound Field Synthesis, PhD thesis, TU Berlin, ,,. The software is spread in different directories named after the chapter and figure numbers.

Phd thesis tu berlin

In order to run the code you will need the external toolboxes mentioned below and Matlab or Octave. Theses Opportunities.

TUE/Eindhoven, UPM/Madrid, PoliMi/Mailand - TU Berlin offers a specialisation in the Design, Implementation, and Usage of Data Science Instruments, which provides training in three key areas, namely, scalable data management The BBDC partners offer topics for Bachelor and Masters Thesis in the scope of the research.

The International Doctoral College is open to excellently qualified candidates from a wide range of spatially relevant disciplines who would like to engage in an intensive, academically creative discourse on difficult, spatially relevant problems within the framework of a doctoral thesis (PhD) and with a view to elaborating viable and innovative attempts at solutions.

Curriculum Vitae since PhD thesis (laboratory of Prof. Dr. Singer) Diploma thesis on “The vibrissal system of the rat”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Merzenich, Keck Jacquelyn A.

Shelton's Personal PageI am currently at TU Berlin and putting the finishing touches on my PhD thesis about large-scale essay about can money buy happiness. In April I started working towards my PhD thesis as a research assistant in control systems group headed by Prof.

Jörg Raisch at TU Berlin.

Curriculum Vitae

Research My main research interest is in the field of functional electrical stimulation of SCI patients for cycling. The Research Training Group is a collaboration between HU Berlin, TU Dresden and the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron at Zeuthen and is hosted and coordinated by HU Berlin.

Molecular Biophysics /// Natural Sciences, Physical sciences, Biological sciences.

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