Nbj supplement business report 2013

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Nbj supplement business report 2013

Additionally, despite our current indebtedness levels, the agreements governing our outstanding debt upon consummation of the offering would allow us to incur substantially more debt. This could further exacerbate the risks associated with our substantial leverage.

nbj supplement business report 2013

We may incur material product liability claims, which could increase our costs and adversely affect our reputation, sales and operating income. As a retailer and direct marketer of products designed for human consumption, we are subject to product liability claims if the use of our products is alleged to have resulted in injury or include inadequate instructions for use or inadequate warnings concerning possible side effects and interactions with other substances.

Most of our products are vitamins, minerals, herbs and other ingredients that are classified as foods or dietary supplements and are not subject to pre-market regulatory approval in the United States. Our products could contain contaminated substances, and some of our products contain ingredients that do not have long histories of human consumption.

Previously unknown adverse reactions resulting from human nbj supplement business report 2013 of these ingredients could occur. A product liability claim against us could result in increased costs and could adversely affect our reputation with our customers, which in turn could adversely affect our financial performance.

We may not be able to obtain insurance coverage in the future at current rates. Our current insurance program is consistent with both our past level of coverage and our risk management policies.

Compliance with new and existing governmental regulations could increase our costs significantly and adversely affect our operating income. These activities are also regulated by various state, local and international laws and agencies of the states and localities in which our products are sold.

Regulations may prevent or delay the introduction, or require the reformulation, of our products, which could result in lost sales and increased costs to us. Any such regulatory determination would prevent us from marketing particular products or using certain statements on our products which could adversely affect our sales of those products.

The FDA also could require us to remove a particular product from the market. We stopped selling Ephedra-based products in June Any recall or removal of products we sell could result in additional costs to us and the loss of future sales from any products that we are required to remove from the market.

Any such product recalls or removals could also lead to liability and substantial costs.

nbj supplement business report 2013

Delayed product introduction, product recalls or similar issues as a result of governmental regulation may arise from time to time, which may have a material adverse effect on our sales and operating results.

In addition, from time to time, Congress, the FDA, the FTC or other federal, state, local or foreign legislative and regulatory authorities may impose additional laws or regulations that apply to us, repeal laws or regulations that we consider favorable to us or impose more stringent interpretations of current laws or regulations.

We are not able to predict the nature of such future laws, regulations, repeals or interpretations or to predict the effect additional governmental regulation, when and if it occurs, would have on our business in the future.

Such developments could require reformulation of certain products to meet new standards, recalls or discontinuance of certain products not able to be reformulated, additional record-keeping requirements, increased documentation of the properties of certain products, additional or different labeling, additional scientific substantiation, adverse event reporting or other new requirements.

Any such developments could increase our costs significantly and could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations. For example, legislation has been passed by Congress to, among other things, impose substantial new regulatory requirements for dietary supplements, including adverse event reporting, and post-market surveillance requirements, which could raise our costs and negatively impact our business.

These regulations will require dietary supplements to be prepared, packaged and held in compliance with stricter rules, and require quality control provisions similar to those in the drug GMP regulations.

Preclinical studies showing that pomegranate juice and its components inhibit prostate cancer led to multiple clinical trials to determine whether pomegranate products could slow the growth of. Supplemental sources of chromium. Chromium is a widely used supplement. Estimated sales to consumers were $85 million in , representing % of the total mineral-supplement market [].Chromium is sold as a single-ingredient supplement as well as in combination formulas, particularly those marketed for weight loss and performance enhancement. NBJ’s Supplement Business Report, NBJ’s Supplement Business Report An analysis of markets, trends, competition and strategy in the U.S. dietary supplement industry Nutrition Business Journal, New York (), p.

We or our third-party manufacturers may not be able to comply with the new rules without incurring additional expenses, which could be significant. We rely on contract manufacturers to produce all of the Vitamin Shoppe and BodyTech branded products we sell.

Any significant disruption in those operations for any reason, such as regulatory requirements and loss of certifications, power interruptions, fires, hurricanes, war or threats of terrorism could adversely affect our sales and customer relationships.

Increase in the price and shortage of supply of key raw materials could adversely affect our business. Our products are composed of certain key raw materials.Sales Management Fleet Management Freight New Business Development Inventory Management Purchasing Pricing Ohio Mineral supplier and recovery of precious minerals Chemicals.

Economic Report on Africa leslutinsduphoenix.com NBJ Supplement Business Report leslutinsduphoenix.com NBJ's Global Supplement and Nutrition Industry Report; Nutrition Business Journal, Global M&A Reaches $ Trillion. NBJ Awards Issue, January; Nutrition Business Journal, According to the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) magnesium supplements are viewed as one of the fastest-growing supplements in the industry, with sales estimated to be at about $ million by the end of and over $ million by nutritional supplement companies can make use of recent trends to boost their own supplement products.

Sales of dietary supplements through the Internet grew % in , and, according to the NBJ Supplement Business Report, NBJ predicts that this growth will continue over the next several years at double-digit levels, driven primarily by the increased availability of healthcare and .

For companies in the nutrition industry, the ‘new normal’ includes the $ billion in sales on 6 percent growth Nutrition Business Journal estimates for May 27,  · Nutrition Business Journal () NBJ’s Supplement Business Report San Diego, CA: Penton Media Inc.; () Supplement use during an intergroup clinical trial for breast cancer (S).

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