How to write a suicide note yahoo answers

Share SEOUL Reuters - A South Korean intelligence agent found dead in an apparent suicide left a note denying his team had used spyware to tap the mobile phones and computers of private citizens in the latest scandal involving the spy agency. Police in the suburban district of Yongin south of Seoul said on Sunday that a year-old man found dead in his car of an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning was an employee of the National Intelligence Service NIS.

How to write a suicide note yahoo answers

The action begins in the home of Willy Loman, an aging salesman who has just returned from a road trip. Willy is having difficulty remembering events, as well as distinguishing the present from his memories of the past. His wife, Linda, suggests that he request a job in New York rather than travel each week.

Linda and Willy argue about their oldest son Biff. Biff and his brother, Happy, overhear Willy talking to himself. Biff learns that Willy is usually talking to him Biff during these private reveries.

Biff and Happy discuss women and the future. Both are dissatisfied with their jobs: Biff is discontent working for someone else, and Happy cannot be promoted until the merchandise manager dies.

They contemplate buying a ranch and working together. At this point, Willy relives several scenes from his past, including the time when, during high school, Biff admits to stealing a football and promises to throw a pass for Willy during the game.

Willy also remembers his old dream of the boys visiting him in Boston during a road trip. Finally in his reverie, he relives the time that Bernard, son of the next-door neighbor Charley, informs Willy that Biff is failing math and will not graduate unless his scores improve.


In this last scene, Willy listens but dismisses the important news because Biff is "well-liked," and Bernard is not. Willy remembers a conversation with Linda in which he inflates his earnings but is then forced to admit he exaggerated when Linda calculates his commission.

how to write a suicide note yahoo answers

Willy recalls complaining about his appearance and remembers Linda assuring him that he is attractive. At this point, Willy's memories begin to blend together.

While he is reliving his conversation with Linda, he begins to remember his conversation with the Woman a woman with whom he had an affair.

He is unable to separate memories of Linda from the Woman.

The play continues in the present with his neighbor Charley coming over to play cards. However, Uncle Ben appears to Willy while he is playing cards with Charley, and Willy relives an old conversation with Ben while simultaneously talking with Charley.

As a result, Willy becomes confused by the two different "discussions" he is having — one in the present, one in the past — and he accuses Charley of cheating.

After Charley leaves, Willy relives Ben's visit and asks Ben for advice because he feels insecure since he did not really know his own father. Willy also remembers instructing Biff and Happy to steal some supplies from the construction site in order to remodel the porch so that he can impress Ben.

The play once again returns to the present, in which Biff and Happy talk with Linda about Willy. Biff and Happy learn that Willy is on straight commission and has been borrowing money from Charley in order to pay bills.

Linda criticizes her sons for abandoning their father in order to pursue their own selfish desires, and she gives Biff a choice: Respect your father or do not come home.


Biff decides to stay in New York, but he reminds Linda that Willy threw him out of the house. He also tells Linda that Willy is a "fake.

Willy overhears his wife and sons talking, and he and Biff argue. When Happy describes Biff's plan to open his own business, Willy directs Biff on what to do during his interview with Bill Oliver.Jan 26,  · As you do not clearly specify in your question if you are really committing suicide, I will answer your question.

Whether to actually kill yourself is a different question, and the answer Status: Resolved. Take a trip into an upgraded, more organized inbox with Yahoo Mail. Login and start exploring all the free, organizational tools for your email.

Check out new themes, send GIFs, find every photo you’ve ever sent or received, and search your account faster than ever. Nov 30,  · Best Answer: How about this: You told me I was the only one for you and our love was strong.

Overtime you told me everything was fine, but deep down you lied. As we fell apart, my heart broke like a glass on the Resolved. Jan 26,  · Well, if you've considered all the possibilities (I believe that you've overlooked the optimism in life, though) then I can't and won't stop you from killing Resolved.

Nov 17,  · Two Years Later, Still No Answers. For more than two years, a modest house on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado has been one of the most infamous addresses in America.

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