How to write a letter to a soldier in afghanistan

Letters From Afghanistan Image courtesy: Louis Kernisan Hours after their fellow soldier stepped on an improvised explosive device and lost his leg, Army 1st Sgt.

How to write a letter to a soldier in afghanistan

Apparently, as the story goes, my Great Uncle Stanley was a Navigation Officer and the plane he was in was in trouble.

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The pilot instructed them to jump out. After my uncle and his buddy bailed, the pilot managed to get the air craft under control and fly to safety. My uncle, on the other hand, landed in a body of water and then swam to an island.

Soon after, the Germans promptly took him and his friend as prisoners. Here is one of the letters he wrote on August 3rd And here is the other side: Dear Brother of mine; As ever, I am in the very best of health but I am still looking forward to mail.

I have nothing to worry about except my sun tan and my occupation after this war. Tell me all about the conditions upon our return and what the gov't expects to do for us.

I also have two or three businesses in mind but they will take time to mature. I expect to be in England for some time after the war on a diet. But I never felt better than I do now. Send Delores an engraved compact for Nov.

how to write a letter to a soldier in afghanistan

I expect to get married when I return if I feel up to it. By now the Red Cross will have advised you about what you can send. Also tell all the folks to write. Had any news since Jean was married?

The Unknown Soldiers by Tom Sileo: Letters From Afghanistan

Tell Gilbert that the demand for lumber will be very great after the war so buy your own mill. Send some snaps if you think they will reach me in time. Say hello to Father Harrington and all the folks. I will be with you all soon. Love to all, Stan As you can see, he had a sense of humour.

Send Letters to Soldiers in Afghanistan

The biggest crime you could commit in the camp was stealing food from another prisoner. In that time, he wrote a few letters to his brother and sister-in-law who eventually became my grandfather and grandmother.

These letters are an important part of my family history. During WW2, the only option of staying in contact with your loved one was letter writing. I imagine the joy a young soldier would feel when the mail came in and he was handed a letter from home How many letters were written in the quiet hours of the night by lantern and how many letters were worn out from being read over and over again?

It is fascinating to me to handle this year old letter and to know that my Great Uncle touched it as did my Grandfather and Grandmother when they were in their early 20's. Today, when soldiers are deployed to places like Afghanistan, many families can stay in contact with their loved one through email and regular doses of Skype.Mar 27,  · His most cherished thing anyone told him in a letter was that they were proud of him.

I would start the letter with asking how they are doing, and proceed to tell them that you are proud of what they are doing for our country.

how to write a letter to a soldier in afghanistan

I know they will really appreciate Resolved. Anna Wright, who drew a picture of a soldier and flag on her letter, told Mitchell, "You are doing great." Tina Mitchell will send the letters to her son, who will receive them about two weeks later. Assortment of how to write a letter to a soldier template that will perfectly match your requirements.

When creating an official or company letter, discussion style as well as layout is . A stunned Mosher sat down to write another difficult letter. "I truly expected he would get better and soon be home in the states before the rest of us," Mosher wrote to the fallen soldier's parents, David and Lynette Sharp of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Captain John Watson is a soldier in Afghanistan. Sherlock Holmes has just been admitted to a drug rehab facility, assigned to write a letter to an unknown soldier. May 23,  · The newspapers do help with this at times, or advertise in the Soldier Magazine (available from some shops).

Soldiers get the Soldier Mag monthly & there is a penpal Resolved.

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