Essay on my classmates

Do they influence you a lot? My classmates are very important to me as I hope that I am to them also.

Essay on my classmates

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Essay on my classmates

Reputations are built in just moments, and reflect what you do in front of people. Character, on the other hand, is built over years, and reflects what is unseen by others.

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Of all of my classmates in English class, three exemplifies great characters more than any of the others. Their name is Stephanie, Tameka, and Jamie. After reading through their profiles, it seems that each person has chosen their own way but has met at one point in their lives.

Everyone has an idea of what they want to accomplish in college and life and each has a means to reach their goal. Stephanie Westerfield was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Stephanie had been going to Houston Community College for two years, but has only attended semesters. What causes her to struggle most in school is her family. Her parents were married for 0 years and are recently divorced.

She and her sisters all live with her mother, therefore, she had to skip a few semesters of school to help her mother with her sisters. Everything is going well with her sister and mom now, so she can focus more on school.

Her goal is to finish school and become a nurse before the age of 5. Tamek Silmon was born and raised in Jacksonville, Texas. She moved to Houston two years ago and has a one year old daughter named Mycah, who was born on New Years day She has sisters, and one brother.

They all think that they can only have girls because she has four nieces and a daughter of her own. Her mother is still hoping for a grandson and thinking maybe she will give her one, and Tameka still wants to have two more kids.

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Essay my classmates qualities.

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Essay about my classmates His full name is Ramesh Chandra Roychowhdury.
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Essay about my classmates

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