Compare exposure and spring offensive

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Compare exposure and spring offensive

While the percentages of U-boats lost are in line with one another, the much greater U-boat effort of World War II did not yield anything like a result comparable to World War I. Had the U-boat been able to continue its earlier success with figures at all proportional to the increased effort the result for the Allies would have been indeed calamitous.

Compare exposure and spring offensive

There were two principal types of U-boat operations: Group wolfpack operations against major convoys, Individual station patrol, primarily in distant coast areas. Supplementary to the above, but in itself of unique and great importance was the U-tanker.

Independent U-boats in distant areas. The U-boat attempted to harass the ocean edges simultaneously with the convoy offensive, although the expenditure of effort in distant areas which characterized the fall of could not be maintained.

After some 23 U-boats in these areas during December, the number dropped to 7 in January, but thereafter increased month by month to 18 in May. The active fleet of and 1, tonners, however, was too small to maintain a constant pressure comparable to that in the North Atlantic.

Furthermore, these distant operations demanded a disproportionate share of U-tanker services. In Decemberthe German Navy had seven 1, ton supply submarines, upon which the Atlantic offensive was dependent for its full effect.

By March, 2 more had sailed on their first cruises. Even though these refuelers spent half their time at sea, U-boat supply was working on a slender margin, for it was apparently intended to maintain 3 refueling stations: As a result, US-UK convoy operations suffered during the early part of the winter.

Continuous stations could not be maintained. In January, for example, U Wilamowitz had to be sent on a long haul into the South Atlantic to service the few Capetown submarines, while U-boats in the North Atlantic were being forced to drop out of groups and come home for lack of supply facilities.

This measure of attention to the North Atlantic continued for the remainder of the spring offensive. It was of course recognized at the time that these refueling rendezvous constituted a kind of Achilles heel, but it was months before efficient antisubmarine forces were available to act on decryption intelligence of these meetings at sea.

Group pattern for US-Gibraltar lane. U-boats operating on the US-Gibraltar lane formed a circuit independent of group operations farther north. There was frequent exchange with IXc tons submarines bound to or returning from middle or south Atlantic coastal areas, but not with the tonners operating on US-UK lanes.

After a period of waiting, the group would turn and cruise back along the lane for westbound convoys. Having arrived in the area east of the Azores and north of Madeira, the group would break up along the Canaries and in the Gibraltar approaches for mixed group and individual station patrol tactics.

As their final gesture before putting back into Biscay, the U-boats that had not been refueled for further operations would form once more off Portugal to block the UK-Gibraltar lane.

Meanwhile replacements would have formed in the Azores area. It was not a very lucrative run, yet U-boat Command gave approximately one-third as many submarines to it in the peak months of February and March as he gave to the US-UK lanes.Furthermore, nonresidential exposure to greenness, at school or at the homes of other children, may increase with age, leading to greater exposure misclassification when exposure is estimated based only on residential address.

Compare the Ways in Which Owen Portrays the Extreme Situations Which the Soldiers Experience in Exposure and Spring Offensive Words | 9 Pages the soldiers experience in exposure and spring offensive Wilfred Owen was born in and became known as one of the most outstanding poets of the 1st world war.

A comparison between Spring Offensive and Exposure; there's a chart for pupils to fill in and prompts for pupils as well, which model how pupils should write about poetry.

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