Cango competetive analysis week 6

Due to its value creating offerings, it has managed to grow at a very impressive rate and is now at the threshold of scaling up to the next level expanding both in terms of the products it offers and the geographies it operates in. This report is the result of the thorough analysis to come up with detailed recommendations for CanGo from the perspective of overall organizational strategy and recommendations from perspective of individual functions.

Cango competetive analysis week 6

No surprise, the study calls for a casino racetrack partnership to allow both industries to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

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Note the study said BOTH industries for a summary of the report, click here ; for those who want to read the entire report, you may click here. I have not finished reading the entire report but there were a few things that came to my attention at first glance.

First of all, it calls for the racetracks to build all the permissible OTB locations permitted in the legislation. Only 3 of the authorized 15 have been built one more is in the planning stage. Even more interesting, is the following tidbit: It is estimated that the combined impacts of existing and scheduled future machines in Pennsylvania and the New York City metropolitan area racetracks will reduce Atlantic City gross gaming revenue by as much as It was also projected that installation of video lottery terminals at three New Jersey racetracks would reduce Atlantic City gross gaming revenue by 1.

Note, if slot machines were installed not just at the Meadowlands, but at Freehold and Monmouth Park, not only would racing benefit, but Atlantic City would suffer a That's right, Atlantic City would benefit by having slots in New Jersey racetracks.

Well being, slots are not going to disappear from Pennyslvania, New York or Delaware, it seems to be an obvious choice. It will be interesting to see if anyone on the Governor's blue ribbon committee on the future of racing will be reading this report and finally come to their senses to work out a mutually beneficial agreement.

The report also discusses what racing should do once it gets its new revenue source.

Cango competetive analysis week 6

Here is one interesting paragraph from this section: Irrespective of the source of much needed revenue to ensure the future of racing in the Garden State, the racing industry needs to invest a portion of those dollars in things besides purses to ensure continued viability. Note it says reducing the cost of regulating racing, nothing about reducing the cost of wagering i.

Obviously there was no conversations with serious horse players.

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Did anyone ask people why they are betting less on horses or are they making assumptions? Another serious flaw in the study is: The industry needs to define itself: The racing industry also needs to recognize that it is two-sided: Racing must define what its common purpose is and answer the question of who is in charge if it is to be successful in branding and marketing the betting product.

They still don't get it.History and the complete Market and Competitor Analysis of Wal-mart and the factors that influence Wal-Mart’s Management.

, according to business week (Lutz, ). Competitor Analysis In terms of market share it’s not possible to other discount retailers to compete with Wal -Mart but it does not mean that there is no competitor in.

Week 2 Analysis Report DeVry University Our DDM Consulting Firm has been hired to advise and help guide CanGo in the restructuring and planning their future endeavors.

CanGo is a young fast growing company which is . BUSN_Teamcando(Team B)_Final_Presentation[1] - authorSTREAM Presentation. PowerPoint Presentation: CanGo Analysis Project SWOT Analysis CanDo Consulting Opportunity to become market leader Installations of ASRS Training of staff Staff flexibility Efficient delivery system of competitors Losing loyal customers Lack of research in ASRS installation No plan in place on how to .

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Cango Competetive Analysis Week 6 Essay Justin Weigt Senior Project Week 2 9/9/09 Personal Analysis CanGo Week 1&2 CanGo’s strength can be described as a well established company. Their foot has been in the door now, and it is time to leadwith those strengths.

The CanGo’s staff seems like family and they really care about this company. View Notes - Team D- Dynamic Consulting Firm Week 6 Analysis Report from BUSINESS at California State University, Fresno.

Cango competetive analysis week 6

After reviewing weeks 5 and 6 98%(90). Mar 05,  · BUS Week 6 Assignment 3 Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies Strayer Latest; Cango Competetive Analysis Week 6; Short Term Objective as a Relation to Long Range Objectives; Supply Chain Management - Words; exam - Words; Strategic Plan-Ecolab, Inc.

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