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Not all uses of land or buildings fit within the use classes order. Examples of sui generis uses include: Where land is or buildings are being used for different uses which fall into more than one class, then overall use of the land or buildings is regarded as a mixed use, which will normally be sui generis. The exception to this is where there is a primary overall use of the site, to which the other uses are ancillary.

Business planning permission uk top

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This is a good idea if you are not confident that you can draw up a set of suitable plans yourself. Comment on a planning application Comment online — Find the application you want to comment on using the applications search using the red button abovethen login or register to make a comment.

Please bear in mind that we can only take account of valid planning reasons e. Comment by email plancomments lbhf.

Please send us your name and address if you would like to receive an acknowledgement. Find out about new applications in your area Email notifications — Register for email alerts and receive regular updates about applications in your area.

This allows you to discover if other related applications have been lodged or whether a similar application may have been successful nearby in the recent past.

Notification of neighbouring properties — we have to advertise all planning applications either with a site notice fixed to a lamp post or letters to neighbours.

business planning permission uk top

We also advertise in a local newspaper in some cases, such as major developments and developments in conservation areas. In all cases people are given 21 days to send in their views.The first commercial gold mine in Scotland has been given full planning permission.

Cononish mine, near Tyndrum, was given approval after a special site visit by the planning committee of Loch.

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Planning and Building control homepage. Building Control Inspections. As a result of ongoing improvements to the organisation of Solihull Council's Building Control Service the cut off point for bookings for site inspections is now pm on .

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business planning permission uk top

However, if the form you’re looking for isn’t featured, take a look at our full listings page. Planning policy. Planning policy is used to help determine planning applications - what can be built, where, and how buildings are used.

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There are several methods to search for Planning Permission and Building Control applications. They are posted online within 5 working days after the date that we have checked them. You can search for an application online here.

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