Business plan brief history of gymnastics

As an introduction here is a brief look at just how a discipline practiced by naked Greek men became the graceful, dazzling — and fully clothed — sport it is today. Gymnastics in Ancient Times The history of gymnastics actually dates all the way back to the times of the Ancient Greeks.

Business plan brief history of gymnastics

TACGYM is the premier tactical gymnastics program that uses bodyweight exercises and simple acrobatics to help you master basic movements and help you gain access to flow-state performance.

You see, back inI stumbled upon a little something called the BodyFlow program, which is a homemade recording of a one-day seminar teaching a few dozen unique biomechanical exercises ie basic acrobatics.

I was fortunate to be offered an advanced copy of the full program to review for you. Thus, I cannot possibly give it the extensive review it deserves, but I certainly will be in the future.

That aside, I think I can still offer quite a bit of insight into the program both as a fitness professional and as a consumer.

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My ultimate goal is clarity about the materials themselves — both about what you get, but also concerning what is involved AFTER you purchase. I want to make sure you invest not only your money wisely, but also your time and energy.

After reading the official TACGYM manual and viewing the many instructional and follow-along videos, it is beyond obvious that a huge amount of thought, research, practice, coaching, and trial-and-error testing went into the development of TACGYM.

The materials reek of sophistication, yet the program is extremely simple and straightforward to follow. This is truly a new evolution of an exercise program, and sets the bar VERY high for future fitness products.

But honestly, you could devote more than a year to practicing this stuff. Everything is laid out for you — just review the instructional materials and get started — nothing to adjust, nothing to test, and you can get started immediately. Two of its hallmark features are how incremental progression and exercise sophistication are weaved into the programming.

These ensure that anyone, regardless of skill or conditioning level can begin using TACGYM today — young or old, fat or fit, athlete or desk jockey. Complete beginners will have no trouble learning and implementing the system. Naturally, your results will increase as your skill development does.

That said, you will still transform your body as a by-product of performing these workouts. The movements themselves over 50 in the main program, and over with the bonus materials are multi-plane exercises that move through the six degrees of freedom hitting the whole body in every possible plane of movement.

These drills are designed for a lot more than just aesthetics, but I can guarantee these workouts will build lean muscle and shed excess bodyfat giving you that hard-body look of a gymnast or acrobat. Again, the instructions are extremely detailed, leaving no stone unturned.

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Just from reviewing the training protocols, I can tell that though these workouts will be low to moderate intensity, they will still be quite challenging. Now, the good news is that TACGYM presents what I consider a new level of intuitive training helping you to take more control over your individual program.

A huge plus is that TACGYM requires zero equipment — meaning you need absolutely nothing else to get started and you can do the workouts anywhere, and anytime.

business plan brief history of gymnastics

Another major advantage that TACGYM has over most other fitness programs is that there are three different schedule possibilities included in the program e.

Speaking of which, the workouts themselves only take about 20 minutes plus extra time for warmups and cooldowns. While TACGYM does not have specific warmups and cooldowns for each workout, it does have some general recovery techniques that can be used as warmups, cooldowns, and for active recovery on non-strength training days.

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There is a brand new joint mobility routine using a staff or wooden dowel. There are also a few Prasara Yoga flows designed to counter-act common problems in the lower body. What is most interesting is the bonus program called Body Rolling, which is a myofascial release mini-program for alleviating much deeper tension between training sessions much like foam rolling.

Not only are there recovery techniques for before and after your training sessions, there are also specific strategies for recovering between circuits, individual sets, reps, and even during an individual repetition.

It leaves no questions unanswered, and even offers specific examples of what kinds of activities you can be doing on each day to help you plan out your entire training program.

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The follow-along simulation videos, in particular, have received a major face-lift over previous products. They provide everything that is necessary and only what is necessary and there are no cheesy pep talks scattered throughout!Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Gymnastics Jump-Start gymnastics instruction business plan executive summary. Gymnastics Jump-Start will offer tumbling, introductory gymnastics, and low-level /5(7). Europe. Northern Irish DUP's Foster: PM May Should Ask EU for a Better Deal.

The leader of the Northern Irish party which props up Prime Minister Theresa May's government said May should ask the. 6/10/12 - A Brief History & the Future of Gyms I spent some time recently researching the history of gyms.

What intrigued me was how we arrived to the era of . A History of Gymnastics: From Ancient Greece to Modern Times By Michael Strauss Find out about the Ancient Greek origin of gymnastics, and learn additional details about modern competitions and scoring.

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