Blood donation speech essay

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The Red Cross Foundation has been faced with an acute shortage of blood supply, and there needs to be an immediate call for action to ensure that people in need of the blood do not perish.

Blood donation speech essay

Which person contributes the blood for donation, they make the huge respect towards the society. The blood donation does not become harmful for the adult people. After the blood donation, the people can regenerate the blood again within the few days.

It poses no threats to the metabolism of the body. On 14th June, in every year, the world blood donor day is declared.

Blood donation speech essay

Needs of blood donation Sometimes people have not the blood for the various reasons. They suffered from the different kind of diseases; they urgently need of the blood.

There are many of the diseases such as Anemia, undergone an operation or may meet with the accident. Some of the patients may die for the blood need, but that time they have not available the blood.

Sometimes the pregnant ladies may also suffer this problem due to the lack of blood, and they need the urgent blood n that emergency situation. It is another important for the blood need.

The blood requires must be the same group for the proper health of a patient.

The required group must be the same while transplanting otherwise the transplantation will go in vain, and even the patient may die. If the man has the O group of blood, then they will be the universal donor of the blood. They can give their blood to any other blood group of people.

Benefits of donating blood

It rarely gets in some people body. The AB group of the individual is also the universal blood donor, who can accept the all group of blood in his body.

In the every blood bank, they keep the blood for the instant users, because the limited period of blood cannot store, so they need to use the blood on steady and constant collection. Limited time of blood storage can become so harmful for blood needed people.

Advantages of the blood donation Blood donation has many benefits for the blood donor.

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It gives certain facilities to the people while the blood was donating. It is a good thing for everyone.

Blood donation speech essay

It is safe for blood giving people.After the blood donation, the people can regenerate the blood again within the few days. It poses no threats to the metabolism of the body. On 14 th June, in every year, the . Blood donation keeps the patient alive by providing a supplementary blood transfusion activity so that they can live a longer life instead of dying from blood loss.

In our society with respect for the donor, blood donation is important because it help to replace old blood products into new blood products. Before the blood donation, blood donation camps checks the blood quality. It is essential for the human body while taking blood. It is a primary authority must for make sure about blood it is infected or not.

Teacher’s Day- Short Paragraph Essay on Teacher’s Day for Students and Children - Teacher’s day “The mediocre teacher tells. Among the blood groups, O-positive group is the universal donor, and can be transferred in the blood stream of persons of any other group.

Donation of blood is a prime need of the country, and the Government itself has taken charge of the department.

Blood Donation: Needs & Importance of the Blood Donation, Essay

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