Apple managers and entrepreneurs

Messenger The latest round of quarterly results have recently come out and the likes of Apple and Boeing have announced bumper profits. So what is it that makes some big multinational corporations so successful?

Apple managers and entrepreneurs


Email Entrepreneurs and business leaders each have their place in the business world. It's the entrepreneur that forges the path and the leader that turns it into a highway.

Apple managers and entrepreneurs

Even more rare, is the entrepreneurial leader that changes our world. Those entrepreneurs not only changed our lives but changed life as we know it. So how do you join the ranks of entrepreneurial leaders? First, let's look at the difference between leaders and entrepreneurs.

Answer the following questions and see how you stack up. Remember, there's no right or wrong. Is it easier for you to make promises or to keep promises? They make lots of promises, and by the skin of their teeth and seat of their pants they keep most of them.

Reaching beyond their grasp allows them to stretch further which often leads to break-through innovation. Unfortunately, this comes with a cost: Not all promises are kept. Execution sometimes takes a back seat to innovation.

Gaining control

Bright shiny metal objects can lead to the next powerhouse idea but can also cause today's priorities to drop faster than the Time's Square ball on New Year's Eve.

They keep their promises but they don't do it alone. Here's one of the secrets of both great entrepreneurs and leaders: They rely upon these three people: An operations manager or COO to keep the companies promises 2.

A financial person CFO, bookkeeper, controller, etc to pay for their promises through receivable collection, pricing, and financing 3. An administrative or executive assistant - to help them keep their personal promises Speaking of counting on other people Are you a lone wolf or a top dog?

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses, because quite frankly, they don't play well with others. They get an idea that often bucks the system. The idea becomes a passion, the passion takes form and, voila!

There is a business. The entrepreneur typically measures his or her success based on the impact of their ideas. However, for that business to continue to grow and stay relevant it takes people - a lot of them. Customers, vendors, employees, associates, even competitors are people and require a human connection to manage them.

The leader measures his or her success based on the quantity and quality of their relationships. Is creativity in your nature or something you nurture?

Apple managers and entrepreneurs

Any parent with a hard hand can crush it, but to nurture it is much more difficult. Steve Jobs was a "design maniac" who, even while in the hospital, tried to redesign his oxygen mask and finger monitor according to Walter Isaacson in his biography on the man.

Such was his passion and creativity. So here's your final question:Unfortunately, not all would-be entrepreneurs understand the dramatic mindset shifts required, without which business success is unlikely. Related: As an entrepreneur, you have to project your. By Richard Rierson: Leadership Interviews with Today's Most Relevant Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Top Managers To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play.

Open iTunes to download and subscribe to Free. Apple is again the most prominent example of this aspect of entrepreneurship since it sells a world view in which hardware devices are linked with providing content in a beautiful design.

Remember when everyone said Tim Cook would change Apple after Steve Jobs? He did.

Why Apple is the world's most successful company – the power of networks

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