An examination of the slimming product instant lifts on shark tank

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An examination of the slimming product instant lifts on shark tank

And our viewers have been voting all morning to decide which of these entrepreneurs and their inventions will face off. Or in this case, they all want to be seen on TV. We have, of course, the wrap-a-roo, the lift, and the baby soothe massager.


And tailgate in a box. And the top two in our viewer vote are -- the lift and instagate. You guys will be going head-to-head. Start thinking about it. Lori, what advice do you have for these people?

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Not a lot of time, need to make an impact. Make sure people want and need your product. Do your questionnaire, show them your product, would you buy this, do you like it, do you need it, what would you pay?

And Matt with burger lift. We ate 50 billion burgers last week. Three per person per week. The best are the juicest. But one delicious bite can leave a mess of juice. Who wants a burger on that?

The solution is the burger lift. Elevating above the plate, away from the juices.

An examination of the slimming product instant lifts on shark tank

It keeps your buns dry and your burger intact. Lift your buns with the burger lift.

An examination of the slimming product instant lifts on shark tank

Anything you can do to lift your buns I think is a winner. What do you think, Lori? Nothing out there like it. I think it has some merit. Only question is, how many people would use it?

All you need to tailgate, barbecue or picnic all in one easy and affordable package. And it has a cooler, locking in place with the hinges. And ten other tailgating essentials. Lift our buns or start tailgating. And everything is there.

And your burgers and drinks fit inside too. The "Shark tank" trophy has been chosen. I love the bun lifter. Tune into Lori on "Shark tank" happening tonight at 9:Sheet17 SIC Link Alternate Title Green Skills Green Occupations Trades Notes Tasks Descriptors Specialisations Occupations Unit Groups Minor Groups Sub Major Groups.

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