A recollection of the night before sarah moved out of our house

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A recollection of the night before sarah moved out of our house

Wednesday, April 25, Stepping out in San Francisco Hello lovelies, I have landed back down to earth having returned from the most amazing holiday ever!! You might remember my daughter and son-in-law gifted me tickets to fly my good husband and myself over to San Francisco to holiday with them and explore and discover the sights and places they call home, and I must say it was fabulous Though the getting to San Fran threw us a few curve balls when we finally exited the airport at San Fran into the arms of our daughter, I must say we all breathed a very big sigh of relief and were beyond ready for the holiday fun to begin.

How could that be, I thought as I stared back at him nonplussed???? Reject me and my good husband!!!!! I mean really, what has the USofA got to fear from the two of us. I am going to put the blue rubber stamp of approval on your passports With this serious fellow's blessing and before he had the opportunity to change his mind, we high-tailed out of there faster than that wily road runner ever could run, to our next 'port of call'.

At this juncture, with my nerves just a little frayed, I thought of doing a 'Steve Martin' and catapulting over the counter to help the kind lady find us on her computer, but thought perhaps not.

This dour faced lady moved us on to the "Those with Impossible Problems" desk where it took a rather pleasant fellow 20 minutes to sort out our predicament I might add at this point I had the booking confirmation of our flight and seat numberswhich then found us running to the gate which was just about to close to fall thoroughly exhausted onto the plane.

My poor ol' 60 year old legs ain't quite up to running the mile in under a minute anymore.

"All styles are good except the boring." – Voltaire

I can laugh about it now but at the time I have no idea how all of you whom are regular jet setters cope with it all. I totally get that added precautions are now put in place in the USofA The sight of our daughter standing at the lounge to greet us quickly put what had transpired into the dark recesses of our minds and we were determined to let the holiday fun, fun, fun begin.

I love San Francisco! The City by the Bay is truly a most amazing city. It is such a relaxed and friendly city with the best vibes. We enjoyed so many shared experiences. My daughter and I share a love of movies, so what better way to start our holiday than a three hour bus tour with a tour guide sharing her wealth of San Francisco and cinema knowledge.

It was a fabulous tour. The tour guide matched clips of movies to scenes right outside the bus windows as we drove by.

I didn't realise that so many movies or indeed scenes in movies were made in San Francisco; 78 to be precise. Scenes from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner one of my favourite moviesthe house where the family lived in Mrs Doubtfire.

Various locations from 'that' famous chase scene in the movie Bullitt As a movie buff who used to watch many a movie with my darling mum, this tour was a highlight.

At the end of the tour my husband, daughter and me my SIL had to work this day enjoyed lunch at the Boudin Bakery and Museum where I enjoyed a delicious meal of clam chowder.

A recollection of the night before sarah moved out of our house

Of course upon leaving we bought many bakery delights to enjoy that evening. The holiday continued with a ferry ride to Sausalito, drinking in the blue, blue sky with the Bay Bridge looming far in the distance and the infamous Alcatraz rising from the sea.

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That is until he finds the Reader- the person who is the reason he is still alive. The only problem is she has no recollection of anything.

What’s not in there is how I eventually ended up with Jesus down at the L-Shaped house on the S-Curve the first week Jeff and I moved in that previous fall, nor how Evie absconded with him one night, about a month later, while I was away from the house—leaving no note of explanation.

Chapter 1: Before the Beginning until August , when we moved to our current location. It was true my "night job" required me to stay out late, but the office requirements were still.

One of the last things Lincoln did before leaving Illinois for the White House was to visit “mama,” as he always called her. This recollection of Lincoln is taken from an interview Lincoln’s Springfield law partner William Herndon (–91) conducted with Sarah on September 8, , at her home eight miles south of Charleston, Illinois.

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